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Inside the Mind of @MovieAngel ~
Marcella Selbach

I am thrilled to end 2012?s interview series with one of the most fascinating women Iíve met on social media. Marcella Selbach, also known as @MovieAngel on Twitter is a true angel in many ways. She is a huge fan of indie film and has helped make the dreams of many artists come true.

Her promotion agency helps and supports young and ambitious indie film
makers and producers, and her goal is to enable them to make their work  more popular and accessible in Germany.

I met Marcella while listening to podcaster Casey Ryan, who broadcasts The Cutting Room Floor out of Canada. Marcella is a regular listener, all the way
from Germany!  This is just one example of her devotion and commitment to people and projects she supports.

Though not a native English speaker, her interview responses are flawless and provide great insight into her as a person.

Please give a warm welcome to the energetic First Lady of indie film, Marcella Selbach.

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DECEMBER 14, 2012 ∑ 12:25 AM
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