Congrats to OSCAR winning NICK VALLELONGA  (writer and producer of "Green Book")  - cousin of our friend Antonella Vallelonga 
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Welcome to my Homepage.

My name is Marcella Selbach. I am a huge movie fan - actually since my childhood and maybe based on my family background as my parents have been actors on stage until they got married.

I grew up with theater and film always surrounding me.

This has strongly influenced my dedication, passion and love for film and theater, raising continuously ...

Who or what is MOVIEANGEL ?

MOVIEANGEL is a promotion agency which is interested in helping and supporting young and ambitious indie film makers and producers.

Based on various connections it would be a pleasure for me to enable these groups to make their work  in Germany popular.  

So, if you are interested ... donīt hesitate to contact me.

Please contact me under:

My philosophy:

Living my dreams by supporting others in living theirs!
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